I have been  a coach, recruiter, and saleswoman for 18 years.  I started my sales and management career in college selling books for the Southwestern Company.  I then built a $50 million (life-time projected premium) supplemental insurance business in nine years with Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America.  I retired at age 33 when my future renewal income reached the $1 million mark.  Taking a break from work to reflect on business and life while watching my children grow up has been a blessing.  I had a freak-out moment and needed to make sure my brain didn’t turn to mush, so I started a part-time virtual skincare business and that has kept me sharp and engaged.  In January 2018 I co-founded Support Her Endeavors (supportherendeavors.com) because I felt that regardless of work status, every woman should feel like they have a place to be supported and encouraged.  I recently launched my own consulting firm in 2018.  I help sales people and business owners connect the dots between what they want in the long-run to what they do on a daily basis.  I focus on women in male-dominated industries.  If you want more information about business or sales coaching, go to risewithrebecca.com.  I’m a wife, friend, mentor, and connector for women to find solutions to feel and be their best.  I live in Maple Grove, MN.

(Photo by Tracy Walsh Photography.)