Rebecca is the best-selling author of Beyond the Board: How to Achieve Your Vision Board Goals in a Fulfilling and Sustainable Way.  She specializes in helping top-performing sales people make it happen by cutting through the clutter.  Do the things that matter in a way that matters for the people that matter.  And then live your life.

Rebecca has been a coach, recruiter, and saleswoman for 20 years.  She cut her teetch in sales and management while in college selling books door-to-door for the Southwestern Company.  She then built a $50 million (life-time projected premium) supplemental insurance business in nine years with Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America. She was consistently in the top 1% of sales and team leaders. After creating a residual income stream of over $1million, Rebecca retired at age 33.

The sabatical was an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.  Rebecca was able to be with her young children at home while also finding a way to make an impact in the larger world.  She had a slight freak-out moment and needed to make sure her brain didn’t turn to mush, so she started a part-time virtual skincare business in 2014 that has kept her sharp and engaged.  In January 2018, Rebecca co-founded Support Her Endeavors because she felt that regardless of work status, every woman should feel like they have a place to be supported and encouraged.

Rebecca launched her own consulting firm in late 2018.  She helps sales people and independents go all-in without burning out by managing time, energy, habits, skills, and mindset.  If you want more information about business or sales coaching, go to risewithrebecca.com.

She lives in Maple Grove, MN.

(Photo by Angela Knox.)